Friday, August 26, 2011

Biotech for Downtown

Came across this article in Lynn Item today:

Biotech is a very good fit for our downtown area.  Their research and development facilities were nearly chased out of Boston due to absurd fears of bio hazard, and the crowding an cost of space in Cambridge have driven many start-ups to other states.  Yet, Boston & Cambridge keep attracting these businesses because of the high concentration of researches the area attracts and universities produce.  Lynn is in a good position to get a piece of this business due to it's proximity to B&C yet much lower property cost.  The researchers can hang with their buds at Miracle of Science in Cambridge but work / live in Lynn.  Although last I checked R&D types seem to live at work anyway.  Lynn's industrial past seems to be a nice fit with a move to supporting Biotechnology business as well, just from a historical perspective, I mean. 

Biotech is not all R&D, there is manufacturing and all the lab work and admin that accompanies the whole process.  This means jobs for people who don't where lab coats.  Boston Scientific opened up a whole new facility out by 495 a few years back after spending years in Cambridge and Natick.  Many of their employees lived in Boston, and they lost quite a few because of that move.  We are only 9 miles from Boston.  Had Boston Scientific opened up here, they may have held onto those valuable employees and helped our community as well.  That point, being able to hold onto good talent, is a very powerful value-add for our location.  This is an opportunity we cannot, must not let go.  We pursue it and support it to the fullest!