Saturday, April 07, 2007

Slow is Contagious

Looks like I've caught Mayo-itis. It's taken me forever to update this blog. This will be a brief, and I apologize for any grammar and spelling errors. It's been a while since I've written in real English.

Keith Building

The Keith Building is transitioning control of the condominium to our board of trustees. We've chosen Harvest as our building manager. Looks like things will work much smoother once Harvest is managing our daily activities. Mayo is still bound to address our outstanding punch-list and warranty items, which I still have two, but they will no longer care for the building. This isn't such a bad thing considering Harvest is doing a good job in other buildings in the neighborhood.

Why No Blog for So Long

The short answer is I've been really - really busy. It's hard to blog when you're swamped taking care of your own life. There's been much going on in the neighborhood, but after sitting in front of the computer for 16 hours a day for 7 days straight for 4 months, you'll forgive me for slacking off. I'm definitely out of the groove, but plan on writing more going forward. Considering I haven't written much in months, "writing more" shouldn't be too hard.

State of the Neighborhood

Gulu-Gulu is opening a new place in Salem. This is an expansion not a relocation. The extra revenue stream will benefit both cafes.

Rumor has it that the new owner of what was Oxford St. Grill will open sometime in the immediate future. For all I know it could already be open. I need to walk over there and find out. However, three weeks ago I noticed activity in the place. It'll be nice to have another place to hang after a hard days work.

Tatiana's is a great place to watch games and grab and drink. The bartender I had was great, the food decent, and the prices acceptable. The drink selections are extensive. So if you want to watch a game someplace other than home, head to Tatiana's. As an aside, I knew Norma, the owner, when she was working in the cafeteria of a client of mine. Very astute lady. Lots of energy, and lots of heart.

Seven Central, Mayo's other condo across the street from Keith is almost full. That's good news in that it means more residents. The Mount Vernon St. lofts are also coming along nicely. Regardless of what I think of Mayo, as long as future residents take proper precautions they can make loft ownership less painful than what I endured. Remember, always, always get your own inspector, and also get your own lawyer!

We have a new flower Shop. I forget the name. Something like "Flowers in Bloom of North Shore." The older flower shop is gone. The new one may suffer the same fate if they don't improve their signage and visibility of their products. The store is difficult to see, not very inviting, and seems to sell more balloons than flowers. Running a flower shop is tough. Flowers die quickly, and unless you can unload them in time, you lose money. But, if you don't have flowers to show, who is going to visit to buy. Tough.

Quiet Clubbing

The bar formerly known as Cronin's, now Club Fenix, made some modifications, and it's much quieter now. I added some curtains over the blinds, and that seems to have made a difference as well. So, noise, is once again manageable.

Taco's Lupita

Great food, good price, wish the counter person would smile more, but I'm probably asking for too much. Grab a burrito. It's very tasty, but the hot sauce they gave me has no kick and tastes, well it's actually more tasteless than anything else.

Vietnamese Lighting

Pho Lynn, needs to improve their lighting. It's a big place, a friendly place, but not a homey place. The space and the lighting make it difficult to stay there and linger. Which, if they were really busy, would be a good thing, but it usually isn't that busy. I think some dimmers, and some wall dividers will help. Regardless, their food still Rocks!

Chinese and Hot Dogs in Swampscott

Went to a new Chinese place in Swampscott across from Red Rock Bistro. Can't remember it's name, but it's Something Chinese Bistro. Good food, nice service, and very good price. I recommend it. There is also a Hot Dog place across from RedRock Bistro. I don't remember it's name either; it's probably - Something Hot Dog Bistro.

Earth Day Every Day

I participated in the Central Square Cleanup on Earth Day. I arrived late, naturally, but there was still a good crew cleaning up. It was great. We got a lot done, and I met some great neighbors. We made a noticeable difference, and we got free T Shirts!

It's impressive how many people turned out and what wonderful neighbors we have. Yet another small, but very important, incentive to live here.

Good Neighbors

I was away for two weeks on Holiday. While away my neighbors outside my building actually noticed. Steve of Gulu-Gulu asked "where are you?" To which I replied, "I was in the Bahamas, Mexico, and Disney." To which he replied, "you suck!" To which I responded, "yes I do."

Remember kids, in the social circle of males real friends make fun of you all the time, but most importantly they always pick you up when you're down, hold you up high when you've earned it, and carry you when you can't stand on your own. Occasionally they'll drop you to make sure you're not faking. If they don't make fun of you, they don't really give a damn about you. Just remember to always return the favor. I've found the word "turd" to be especially useful - mild yet effective.

That is all I have to report. Until next time - remember, get an inspector, get a lawyer, no glove no love, and yes you really do want resident parking.