Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Parking Issues

There is a meeting tonight at the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce at 7 pm. All residents are encouraged to come, listen, and submit your concerns and ideas about the parking situation. However, residents from the prior meeting have already set a simple agenda of problem areas to discuss and it is our hope to focus on these items during the majority of the meeting. In summary the items are:

  1. Change parking restriction enforcement hours - for example to 8 am to 6 pm
  2. Change on-street parking signage to reflect hours of parking restrictions
  3. Establish resident only parking areas and hours
  4. Establish visitor permits for Central Square
  5. Fix signage of parking lots to accurately reflect parking hours
  6. Fix lighting in parking lots to ensure safety and promote feeling of safety
  7. Add drainage to parking lot to allow convenient passage
  8. Establish regular cleaning of parking to demonstrate an investment in the area

The creation of permit parking and posted hours of restrictions are well established proven practices in Lynn as well as other cities with dense populations, such as Boston and Cambridge. None of these items are unreasonable, and most importantly they will improve the quality of life for residents of Central Square.


Emily said...

I think the meeting went well last night except for the irate Greek woman! For the first time I truly feel that the city IS going to do something about the parking situation- this is a long time coming! We'll see if they can implement the resident parking on nights and weekends first in the Buffum lot then perhaps on some of the streets that don't have businesses i.e. Blake Street and the block of Oxford Street that abuts the post office parking lot. I think that we try and put all our eggs in that basket for the time being since I think it will work for the majority of us who are concerned. If we can't get this solution passed then we should look into discounted group rates with visitor passes.

Anonymous said...

I am considering purchasing a condo in the Central Square area and am curious about the parking situation as well. Have things been resolved regarding passes, resident parking, etc?