Monday, October 02, 2006

Far From the Maddening Crowd

Cronin's Cafe is a bar. The address is 517 Washington St. I have no issues with Cronin's but one - NOISE! It's now Monday 12:35 AM. The base from Cronin's speakers is vibrating my windows. Surprising when you consider I'm on the other side of the block, but unfortunately there are no buildings between me and Cronin's, and, obviously they have no sound dampening system in place at Cronin's. I have the noise regulations somewhere in my email system from James Marsh of the Mayor's office. I think it's time for me to brush up on them and get a noise meter from Radio Shack, and a video camera to record the noise and happenings down there. I have no issues with people having a good time, as long as they don't ruin my sleep late Sunday night before a work day. Friday, fine. Saturday, great! Sunday, absolutely NOT!

I don't think asking Cronin's to turn down the volume on Sunday night is too much, do you? I'm not asking for Friday or even Saturday for that matter. I'm talking about Sunday, the sabbath - a school night!

I put in several noise complaints with the police. They're very good about hasseling away the people on the street outside the "cafe" that may be rowdy, but having Cronin's turn down the volume seems to be a challenge. I wonder if politics are involved. Is there a guy named "Cronin" on the council? Do I need to stand in front of the city council with a power point and video of a DB meter pegging to get my point across? One would think the police department may find that a bit embarrassing.

Downtown is now a professionals residential area. The city should recognize that issues such as noise will hinder the return of downtown to that of a vibrant community. I'm not asking for dead silence. I'm asking for common good neighbor courtesy from Cronin's Cafe. Cronin's - please turn down the music on Sunday after midnight.


Mike C said...

Hi Marc,

Any progress on the noise issue, how was the music last weekend?

Marcus said...

The Police seem to be able to get Fenix (a.k.a. Cronin's) to turn down their music a little bit. This only happens after I call. I wasn't home early much of last weekend so can't say much about the music volume. I've made it a habit of calling the police everytime the music is loud. They may have done something over there because I noticed my wall doesn't vibrate with the base now. However, I definitely still hear it, and it still bothers me. They also have a habit of turning the music up on Monday nights as well, but not as late.