Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ghosts of Masons

We now have scaffolding up around the front of our building. I heard some voices this morning near the roof hatch and definitely activity on the roof. So when I left my house this morning I was surprised to see.... absolutely nothing. To Mayo Groups credit there is finally someone at our building to repair the porous brick of our exterior walls. It's good to see something finally happening after over a year of enduring water intrusion. However, I am a bit perplexed. Except for the occasional sound of people I've seen no-one on the scaffolding, and honestly I have no idea what they are doing. Which, of course, leads me to believe - they are doing absolutely nothing. I was out there at nearly 10 a.m. the other day and there was no one on the roof, no one on the scaffold, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Is anything going on? Have any of you actually seen activity?

On a sad note, this construction is affecting Gulu-Gulu business. It's in the same location people. It has the same great food, same great beer, and same great people - minus Nika. And when you consider there appears to be no work actually taking place - obviously there is no noise. So, come-on! Grab a sandwich! And be sure to be nice to Jack who now has competition on his home turf.


Anonymous said...

have you ever heard any more about the building they were suppose to build next door to yours or when they are suppose to start on it.?

Marcus said...

Mayo group cannot start building next-door to the Keith Building until they have finished fixing the Keith Building and addressed all punchlist items of the Keith Building residents. This was a condition imposed upon Mayo Group by the city council for the special permit.

With that said, Mayo Group is in the permitting process. They've received permits from the ZBA and is in the process of obtaining other permits and easements in order to build. But until they fix our building and address all our troubles nothing will be torn down or built next-door.