Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yet Another Re-Org

Mayo Group has reorganized their management structure yet again! The upside to this is that the new management does seem to understand it's in their best interest to make sure the residents in the Keith Building have their issues resolved. They're sending someone over this coming Monday to take a look around. As to whether this will actually precipitate resolution is another question, but I'm hopeful. Mayo Group has been very responsive since the Valentine's Day showing of Keith Building residents at a permit hearing for their plans to construct a building next to us. I'll give more details about that soon. So sorry I've been dark for a while. Life has been pretty hectic. I'll get you more details Sunday.


lofty-Warren said...

I do not appear to see many responses to your blog entries and wonder why. Is it your topics, your attitude, that few people are aware of your blog, or the public's overall lack of interest?

Your or another simuilar blog could be such a welcoming forum, providing another great vehicle for establishing a Lynn/North Shore loft-based social community.

Please email your reactions, comments, and ideas to me at

Warmly, Warren

FYI, I an a recent resident/owner of a wonderful unit in the Sloan Machinery Lofts. RCG Properties, the developer, is quite accomodating and cooperative.

Anonymous said...

No new rantings, how come? Hope to see something new soon!

Dennis said...

Going to look on monday 4/19 and hope not to be disappointed!
PS Wonder what the "issues" are?