Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Valentine to Remember

A Valentine to Remember

Tuesday Feb. 14, 2006 in the Lynn City Counsel chambers is a day to remember. Well, for me anyways. I thought I was going to be there alone, the lone representative for the Keith Building during the Permit hearing for Mayo Group constructing a large mixed used building immediately adjacent to our building. Imagine my surprise when I discovered 4 of my neighbors there! Adam, Mike, Brenda, and Jennifer were also at the meeting. Mike brought his parents. All of us sat together... waiting.

Finally, the permit for Mayo's building was up for discussion. Team Mayo Group appeared in full suit and tie. The permit request tabled by one of their attorneys. The architect was on hand as well as the Director of Development. Mayo announced their plan and also presented illustrations of the proposed property to the council. The easel was up in front of the council facing away from us. I, of course, found this completely unsatisfactory since I'm the one it's affecting so shouldn't I be shown the pictures? I got up and waltzed up front to the council line too see the drawings. Mike and Adam followed. Jennifer and Brenda guarded the rear. The entire room took notice of our movement. Mayo started looking nervous.

Mayo Group continued their presentation and promoted how it would be great for the downtown, and in all fairness it would be. The council seemed very excited by the idea, but Cowdell did point out that the councill had never seen the plans until that very moment so there would be no approval of a permit that night. The council seemed ever more curious about the 3 lads up front stretching their necks examining each and every detail of the drawing, and listening to every word with baited breath. Mayo finished it's presentation. Cowdell prepared to move on, then Mike spoke.

To be continued...

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