Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Mayo Valentine

There is a hearing for a permit to allow Mayo Group to construct a multi-family housing development adjacent to the Keith Building. They'll essentially demolish the exiting dilapidated constructs and put something new in it's place. It'll be interesting to see what their workmanship will be for completely new construction. I hope the whole building doesn't fall down. At least I can take some solus in knowing the bones of my building were made when they build things to last generations. So, the common understanding is that the new building will use the east wall of my building to support it's west wall. This is actually a good thing, provided it happens. What I don't want to see is Mayo building a wall that doesn't completely abut ours, but instead leaves a gap of several inches or more. This would be a problem because that wall will remain exposed to the elements. The wall will continue to wear down, and because of less air flow it will not dry out. With a gap the space will be so tight we wont be able to get anybody in there to fix it. Any home inspector will notice that immediately so when it comes to sell any unit the sellers will have some difficulty. Therefore, the plans for the new building should be of interest to every owner in my building.

The hearing is 8 p.m. February 14 th, 2006 - Valentines Day. I'll be there ready to spread the love.


Nika said...

O MY, I should let you know what is going on in the corner building where Mayo has apartments out for rent. Drop me a note if your interested. - Nika

Anonymous said...

did they approve the new building tuesday night.?

Marcus said...

The hearing wasn't actually for permit approval because the counsil had never seen it before. I believe what mayo was really trying to do was put the project on the table for PR reasons and to drum up support in the community. What they didn't count on was half the Keith Building being there to present their "conditional support" and inform the counsil of all the problems we have been having. It appears the feedback we gave was completely unexpected.