Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yet Another Re-Org

Mayo Group has reorganized their management structure yet again! The upside to this is that the new management does seem to understand it's in their best interest to make sure the residents in the Keith Building have their issues resolved. They're sending someone over this coming Monday to take a look around. As to whether this will actually precipitate resolution is another question, but I'm hopeful. Mayo Group has been very responsive since the Valentine's Day showing of Keith Building residents at a permit hearing for their plans to construct a building next to us. I'll give more details about that soon. So sorry I've been dark for a while. Life has been pretty hectic. I'll get you more details Sunday.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Valentine to Remember

A Valentine to Remember

Tuesday Feb. 14, 2006 in the Lynn City Counsel chambers is a day to remember. Well, for me anyways. I thought I was going to be there alone, the lone representative for the Keith Building during the Permit hearing for Mayo Group constructing a large mixed used building immediately adjacent to our building. Imagine my surprise when I discovered 4 of my neighbors there! Adam, Mike, Brenda, and Jennifer were also at the meeting. Mike brought his parents. All of us sat together... waiting.

Finally, the permit for Mayo's building was up for discussion. Team Mayo Group appeared in full suit and tie. The permit request tabled by one of their attorneys. The architect was on hand as well as the Director of Development. Mayo announced their plan and also presented illustrations of the proposed property to the council. The easel was up in front of the council facing away from us. I, of course, found this completely unsatisfactory since I'm the one it's affecting so shouldn't I be shown the pictures? I got up and waltzed up front to the council line too see the drawings. Mike and Adam followed. Jennifer and Brenda guarded the rear. The entire room took notice of our movement. Mayo started looking nervous.

Mayo Group continued their presentation and promoted how it would be great for the downtown, and in all fairness it would be. The council seemed very excited by the idea, but Cowdell did point out that the councill had never seen the plans until that very moment so there would be no approval of a permit that night. The council seemed ever more curious about the 3 lads up front stretching their necks examining each and every detail of the drawing, and listening to every word with baited breath. Mayo finished it's presentation. Cowdell prepared to move on, then Mike spoke.

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Mayo Valentine

There is a hearing for a permit to allow Mayo Group to construct a multi-family housing development adjacent to the Keith Building. They'll essentially demolish the exiting dilapidated constructs and put something new in it's place. It'll be interesting to see what their workmanship will be for completely new construction. I hope the whole building doesn't fall down. At least I can take some solus in knowing the bones of my building were made when they build things to last generations. So, the common understanding is that the new building will use the east wall of my building to support it's west wall. This is actually a good thing, provided it happens. What I don't want to see is Mayo building a wall that doesn't completely abut ours, but instead leaves a gap of several inches or more. This would be a problem because that wall will remain exposed to the elements. The wall will continue to wear down, and because of less air flow it will not dry out. With a gap the space will be so tight we wont be able to get anybody in there to fix it. Any home inspector will notice that immediately so when it comes to sell any unit the sellers will have some difficulty. Therefore, the plans for the new building should be of interest to every owner in my building.

The hearing is 8 p.m. February 14 th, 2006 - Valentines Day. I'll be there ready to spread the love.

Read the Condo Docs

I'm paranoid. Not disfunctionally so, but enough that people notice. It's not in every part of my life but it definitely rears its ugly head any time I must shell out big bucks and take on risk. So, you can only imagine how paranoid I was about buying my place. My paranoia paid me back in that I know exactly what I have - the good and the bad, and know more about my property than any of my neighbors. So, one would think with all the problems I wouldn't have bought, but life is about risk. Just because one is paranoid doesn't mean one is risk adverse. It just means everything seems like a risk. Since I'm not afraid to take risks my paranoia doesn't prevent me from having a good life.

So, what does this have to do with Condo Docs? I read them cover to cover, word by word, typo to typo - looking for anything lurking in the text that would screw me. My buyers agent hadn't read the documents, the sellers agent hadn't read the documents, and many of the lawyers for the other residents hadn't read them either. Good thing I did. The docs were a train wreck. My first copy described a landscaped cul-de-sac with racket ball court, balconies, fireplaces, and two parking spots somewhere in the mountains. It even had a snazzy name - Alpine 'something' condominiums. Did I mention the Jacuzzi? My lawyer, who did read them, called me laughing simultaneously appalled and amused. Obviously Mayo lawyers took a doc from some other development and edited it. Unfortunately in their haste and disregard it was a mess. I have a great lawyer. He and I worked to get the docs fixed. They're still not perfect, but it was good enough. There is one line that still bothers me though, but Douglas Jones, my lawyer, didn't seem too concerned so I wasn't either. The line essentially says that as long as the developer owns a unit in the building they have veto power over anything the residents decide for the condominium. Mayo is planning on retaining ownership of the two commercial spaces on the bottom floor. So they may use that as an excuse to exercise veto power. I foresee a long hard fight in the near future over costs to manage the building. They'll want cheap, I'll want quality. Make sure you read the docs for such clauses otherwise when they try to screw you it will be a total surprise. I prefer to know that someone has plans to screw me. Don't be lazy, READ IT!