Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Mayo has finally installed automatic door closers, those spring arms that pull a door shut, on the stairwell doors. These aren't just for convenience. They make sure the fire resistant doors to the stairwells are always closed to prevent fire and smoke from quickly infiltrating other floors. Without them smoke can quickly travel to upper floors through the stairwell making it very hazardous for residents to find and navigate the stairs to get out. Eventually the flames will find their way up as well since there isn't anything to block the fire. I don't think the average person can truly appreciate the danger of smoke unless you've actually been in a burning building environment. I have. Once you experience it you never forget it, and you never want to ever again.

The absence of these closing arms was first reported back in August. The fire prevention department actually cited Mayo Group and has been fining them for non compliance since September. I suspect the fine must not be too big since they've ignored it for this long. Unfortunately in our litigious society if I had put those closers in place and not done it properly if there were a fire I would be liable. Sad. Well, regardless of the reason I'm glad they are there, but obviously I am not going to compliment Mayo for doing something that should have been done before a single unit was sold. Actually, the building should not have even gotten it's certificate of occupancy. This indicates Lynn's inspectional services missed it, but that does not excuse Mayo, because they were informed later by the Fire Prevention Department. Obviously, to Mayo life is cheap. Check your stairwell doors. Especially those of you looking at 7 Central Condominiums. It could save your life.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your blog. I had questions about the Mayo Group, and they have now basically been answered.