Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dunkin Donuts Open for Business

The Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Union and Central Square is open for business. I walked passed it this morning and not only were the racks full of bagels and donuts, but there was a bright cheery employee tending to customers. It's a nice little one perfect for it's location and volume of customers. I'm curious to know if they make their donuts on site or if it's currently being shipped in from another store. Just my curiosity. It's a fine addition to the square. As much as I prefer independent shops it's still nice to see a well regarded brand too. It will attract a main stream crowd that in the right quantity only helps to add to the sense of diversity in the neighborhood.

My hope is that the mix of shops will be much like Davis Square where the franchises are elbow-to-elbow with independent establishments. The twist is that it will most likely cater to an older crowd since we don't have the benefit of Tufts nearby to influence the local vibe. North Shore Community College is nearby, so perhaps it will become a bit more of a college hang-out once establishments make an effort to appeal to the after school study crowd and provide an environment more conducive to group study, conversation, and fun for students on a budget.

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