Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why am I Blogging

The only good source of information about the loft condominiums appearing in Central Square, Lynn, are the residents, like me, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything written directly by us. Most of the information is in edited form by some organization that has an interest in promoting the downtown area, so the information is a bit skewed. What I've read to date is not incorrect, but it can be a bit misleading, because it doesn't give a complete picture of what the downtown is like - good or bad. There's a tremendous amount to like about downtown Lynn, but there is also much to dislike and much that needs work. My hope is that my musings and experience will not only provide people with enough information to make an informed decision about moving here, but also help them realize what the challenges of moving to an up-and-coming area like Central Square, or anywhere for that matter, really entails.

I want you to move to Central Square - if you're a professional with no live-in children, good income, good taste in art, an international flair, and an activist spirit. It'll make my property value increase, and why wouldn't I want that. It'll make yours more valuable, I might add. So, you run the risk of hearing things persuading you to move here. Hey, it's in my best interest, but knowing me I think you'll probably get a lot more good, honest, hard information than from any real estate agent. It's your call.

In the interest of full disclosure: I'm also using this blog to highlight all the issues I'm having with the Mayo Group, a developer in downtown Lynn, and the developer of my building - The Keith Building. New construction has it's problems. Poor workmanship can, and often is, one of them. A non-responsive developer shouldn't be one of the problems you "buy" when purchasing your home. Mayo group does cheap and poor quality work, and I have plenty of evidence (lots of photos). So, this blog is also a personal crusade to inform prospective buyers of what you really buy when you buy from Mayo. In a word - problems.

This is my blog - Central Square Lynn - read at your own peril.


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