Thursday, November 10, 2005

What to Expect in a Lynn Loft

It occurred to me that if you came to my blog without having actually seen a Lynn Loft or researched them you wouldn't know what to expect. Well let me tell you, the spaces in these lofts are the North Shore's best kept secret. Obviously it's not exactly a secret since this blog is here and the properties are being sold, but Lynn's reputation as a rough city has kept a lot of people from buying into a beautiful place to live. Here's a list of what you'll find:

  1. Old turn of the century urban architecture - lots of granite and chiseled building faces with most buildings built in the 1800s with interiors completely gut renovated. Most are 4 stories or more. Gorgeous!
  2. Ceiling height of 12 Ft. or more.
  3. 8 Ft. by 5 Ft. - that's 8 vertical feet people - windows. I have 10. You may get more or less, and sizes do vary, but not by much.
  4. 1200+ glorious square ft. of hardwooded living space. I have 1268 sft. ;)
  5. Exposed metal vent ducts, exposed brick in may buildings, cast iron window headers, and thick timber supports. Beautiful!
  6. Central AC and Heat. Did I mention central AC?
  7. Modern appliances including dishwasher, washer and dryer in the unit.
  8. Granite counter tops.
  9. Recessed lighting or track lighting.
  10. Lots of closet space. I have 4 closets total with a walk-in the size of a small Boston study.
  11. Most 1200+ units under $300k, many under $280k.
  12. That chic urban industrial cool vibe you always wanted.

Industrial buildings with old bones have a spirit you just can't find in any other kind of architecture. These buildings are 100+ years old and they've survived 2 massive fires and countless years of neglect and underappreciation. If you love architecture your jaw will drop when you see these condos. I'll post some pics so you have some visuals, but I must say the pictures do no justice to the scale of the space when you're standing in it.

Lofts in Lynn:

  1. Boston Machine Lofts - big and beautiful
  2. Exchange St. Lofts - giant old financial building - some units still have vaults complete with doors
  3. Keith Building Condominiums - my building
  4. Munroe St. Lofts - soho style - just one big room - very cool
  5. 31 Munroe Lofts - 3 floor-through units complete with parking
  6. Sherry Lofts - big building with parking
  7. Sloan Machinery Lofts - big converted machinery factory - heated inside parking
  8. Ladd 3 Lofts - old firehouse with townhouse upper units - under construction
  9. 7 Central - old building with two upper floors added later in life - developed by Mayo - be cautious


Gabriel J Cobas said...

I have not known one person who has come into our new condo at the Sloan Machinery Lofts that had not been floored by the beautiful, open space. The SML units offer an urban, contemporary floorplan that also feels comfortable and welcoming. We added a stainless steel pot rack above the granite counter tops, when the track lighting in the kitchen is on, it looks like a piece of modern art. Units like these go for quite a bit more anywhere else, these are a diamond in the rough.

lofty-Warren said...

I am one of those who is floored with the simply-elegant styling and functionality of SML ... and will be closing this Tuesday!

Warmly, Warren

... and Gulu-Gulu (and Steve and Marie), the neighborhood groceries, restaurants, and bakeries ... yummmmm!