Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What Lies Beneath


Early morning. Dark. The noise came from the hall. "Oh god, what did Mayo ^&*% up this time," I thought to myself. I hopped out of bed to investigate, briskly rubbing my goose-pimples while shuffling to the hall to take a peek through bleery morning sleep.


Not a single thing out of place. Could have been something hitting the roof I suppose. Maybe some weight challenged pigeons playing chicken with their reflection in the roof pond. The east drain doesn't work great. We have a roof pond. Be sure to check your roof.

I turned to dive back into pillowed heaven when there it was again.

bang, hiss, pop

Right next to me. It's coming from the wall. Inside the wall.

- analysis -

Rats? No food.

Al Capone? No Heraldo.

Heraldo? Maybe.

There it goes again. Is the building settling? Is it the cold? There's something banging and rubbing in there. I put my ear against it... whirrrrrrrrrrr. Definately not Heraldo. Maybe a bathroom vent fan - similar. click..... click


It's gone.

I eat my upper lip and think about it. Well, nothing I can really do about it now I figure, and my tush is cold. Swoooooosh. I'm back in bed. zzzzzzzzz.

DONG, BANG, click-click-click-click

8 a.m.

It's back. Yawwwwnnnnnnnnnnn. I shuffle on over, scratch, scratch, scratch. Yep, same noise, same wall, same whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

... click .... click...


.. click...

It's taunting me.

I squint and examine my options. Being a man of action I guess I'll just have to open her up and see what's inside. You know what that means - POWER TOOLS!! Oh yeah.

- to be continued -

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