Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Welcome Sloan Machinery Lofts

The Sloan Machinery Lofts are almost sold out. I think there are about 4 units left, maybe less since their website isn't updated very often. That's 28 out of 32 units sold. The Sloan is very nice in that it has inside garage parking as well as deeded parking on the premises. I met a very nice couple that actually bought the model unit, but embarrassingly I can't remember their names. It must have been the French Canadian beer I was sipping at the Gulu.

Selling as many units as they did is quite an accomplishment for the RCG sales team. Kudos to them for a job well done. The Sloan sits right at the rim of the downtown area. Only the Ladder 3 Lofts, also RCG and under construction, are further out. It sits directly across the street from city hall and a lovely church on the corner. The Church is an architectural piece, handsome, and grand in an understated way. I love how the ivy creeps along it's exterior. I haven't seen the inside, but I plan on visiting.

The Sloan sales is good news for downtown. More happy residents to a very happy and welcoming neighborhood. There's a strong sense of community amongst the downtown folk. It's most palpable during meet and greets amongst the "lofters" at the Gulu. Lots of yuppies all curious about who lives next door. A very welcoming group. At times opinionated. Often grumpy, but always charming.

Welcome Sloaners, I can't wait to meet you all.


Gabriel J Cobas said...

FYI, Max from RCG announced last night that the last unit in SML has been sold.

lofty-Warren said...

FYI, I purchased their last vacant Sloan Machinery Loft unit ... and will be closing on Tuesday (January 31st) ... and I certainly am not a yuppie (rather, a down-to-earth, 57-year-old, talented, entrepreneur and parent).

Warmly, Warren