Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tiffany's at Gulu-Gulu

Monday night is movie night at the Gulu-Gulu cafe. They usually play foreign films, independent films, and old-old movies (not mutually exclusive). Last nights showing of Breakfast at Tiffany's was particularly enjoyable. Adam and Beth my downstairs neighbors were cuddled on the couch. Steve and Marie were there sauntering about, working. The place was quiet, and the gentle rain outside added to the cozy ambiance. A glass of red, a plate of chocolate cake - a lovely evening.

Adam, Beth and I had some good conversation covering subjects that litter talks between new home owners - heating bills, noise, furniture, space, and how many times we mooned the neighbors before we got blinds. Yuppies are a bit of a curiosity here so we also have our fair share of people "inspecting" our homes through all manner of tippy-toe-neck stretching shoulder stacking antics. And then there is the binocular viewing from the Pevear apartment building across the street. I have my own set of binoculars. I watch them watch me. We wave.

So, for your curiosity here is how my place looks. Sorry about the mess.

Living room.

Dining area and kitchen, the poster is meant to be crooked.

Part of the Bedroom

One of the 2 Bathrooms

And I'll put up pictures of the study and the other bathroom once they're finished.

We also talked about Depeche Mode, a band Adam and I enjoy, as well as the happenings around town, and, of course, power-tools. The bit of conversation I remember the most, though, is a tidbit from Steve. He stopped by briefly and watched a bit of the movie with us. Steve and I raised our glasses and Steve proposed a toast - "to life."

To life, I thought quietly to myself - one sweet rainy day at a time.


sculpin said...

With regard to Mayo's construction practices; I recall walking past your building as it was being renovated. I noticed that they were using what appeared to be just a step up from cardboard for the exterior fascia. Now that may be standard practice, and with the proper primer and exterior paint, it will probably last, but all the same, it was something that raised my eyebrows when I saw it.

Marcus said...

Really??? Do tell. I assume you're talking about the first floor commercial space. Maybe that explains why water was pouring into the lobby during the last heavy rain.

sculpin said...

I am just talking about the panels underneath the first floor windows. They appeared to be like wallboard before they were painted. I would have thought that plywood properly sealed and caulked would have been more appropriate, but I am not a builder.

Doug said...

Hi Marcus, I would be interested to hear more. I too was looking at Lowell, Chelsea and Lynn. I have down sized for a year to see what the market does and live near Davis. I like the vibe and like Sculpin Said I would hate to not want to go home and want to hang around Cambridge until I have to sleep. But I see the advantage of Lynn being like a Square/ Davis / Waltham with its little quirky self slowly added life. I would like to find away to ask sculpin about the Lowell experiece to compare but I have been up there on a Sunday Morning and its kinda scary and Stark- no buddy around. where Lynn seems compact enough that you'll start to see the dog walkers etc out and about- right? Anyhow its been good to read your thoughts.