Monday, November 21, 2005


Rain. Many people tend to equate rain with dreary gray skies, and endless days of chill. These are the sun addicts. I am not one of them. I love the rain. It cleans and refreshes, much like Listerine, but without the god awful taste. It cleans the streets, takes away fall leaves, and washes the bird poop off the roof. The same can't be said of sun. Sun, bleaches your furniture, makes the apartment hot, and jacks up your AC bill. But, I must admit, it sure does feel nice on cold days, and the plants really like it.

So, one may ask, what does rain have to do with Lynn Lofts. Simple: go see a loft in the rain. It will tell you much about the space, because, you see, rain puts things in focus. It's an enhancer. Much like the colour red, rain will enhance every curve, lift every feature, and point out every sag and misplaced cellulite. It makes great spaces look terrific and bad spaces absolutely miserable. If you can imagine your space cozy in the rain then in sunlight it will be an absolute delight. Rain, it's your friend.


sculpin said...

Hey, just wanted to know what you can you expect for condo fees in this area?

Marcus said...

Condo fees seem to be about 20 cents per square foot. So for a 600 sft unit it's $120 while a 1200 sft unit will be $240. The numbers can be higher or lower depending on the condominium size and unique needs. Most buildings here have elevators, fire sprinkler system, and fire alarm monitoring service, all which makes fees higher since they require maintenance and inspection every year. Friends who live in Boston are curious as to why my fee is higher than theirs, then I point out the modern systems I have vs. the complete absence of them in their old-old buildings.