Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mayo Floods Keith Building

Well, not directly. Mayo in it's inept construction forgot to seal the exterior windows in the front of the building and on the west side of the building. There is no caulk/glazing between the window frames and the brick exterior. They just plain forgot to do it. Its obvious they knew it had to be done because the south side exterior windows all have proper glazing. So, to put things into perspective the windows of the Keith bulding are 8 Ft. tall and about 4 ft. wide or wider depending on the window. That means on a window of 8 Ft. x 4 Ft. a gap of 1/8 inch around the windows translate to 36 square inches or a 6 x 6 inch hole. All two bedroom units have at least 8 windows. I have 10. The single bedroom units have 4. Every single unit in the front of the building had flooding through the windows during the first rain storm we had back in June. It was bad. Mayo did come out and fix it... but their idea of fixing it was to hangout the window with a caulking gun and glaze around the window. No-one in Mayo is 8 Ft. tall, so they left the top 2 feet untouched. During this last week of rain that flooded just about everyone I know, the front apartments took a bad hit. The flooding was worse, and there's a tremendous amount of water damage. Unfortunately, although I'm on the south side of the building I had problems too. I had two roof leaks, one in my closet another above the bathrrom, and discovered to my dismay that the west side windows aren't sealed either - I got water damage around the window frame. Mayo has done nothing about the roof. I actually had to go up and seal the hole myself after a week of no action by them. It took me 10 minutes. What a bunch of lazy idiots.

The issues have become so bad for unit 4A that they've finally called in their lawyer. This wouldn't be a problem if Mayo would just own up to their work, or lack of, and fix the problems per their contract, but apparently that's not how they operate. Once they sell you the property - they try to screw you every chance they get.

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