Friday, November 11, 2005

Mayo Exoneration

The first step in resolving a problem is to identify that problem, and then articulate how to address that problem. For Mayo Group to exonerate itself to my satisfaction it must do the following:
  1. Properly and completely caulk, glaze the exterior of all windows to stop the water leakage that occurs with every rainfall. This would be all windows on the north side of the building, all windows on the west side of the building, and two south facing windows on the top floor.
  2. Fix both roof leaks in unit 4B by properly grading the roof to drain all water and properly sealing all roof penetrations.
  3. Repair the extensive water damage around the lobby window next to the mailboxes and properly seal the window and the exterior sill above the window to prevent further water intrusion.
  4. Repair the water leakage into the basement area from the sidewalk occurring through a hole in the basement ceiling directly above the sidewalk by properly repairing the hole.
  5. Install automatic door closing arms on the fire doors in the main lobby, the stairwell door on the 4th floor off the main stairs, and the stairwell door on the 2nd floor on the east stairs.

That's it. They only have to do five things. All this trouble for these 5 things. Exasperating.

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