Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leaky Window

I love the rain. Being from Seattle I've developed quite an affinity for it. The rain makes me feel at home. Because of the relatively wet weather, builders of homes in Western Washington are experts at making homes water tight. What I find amusing is that statistically the North Shore gets more rain than Seattle. Seattle is just very overcast from October to April. However, it appears builders, or at least Mayo Group's developers, don't' have a clue as to how to accomplish this very important, the most important, task when building a home. It rained again last night, and although the roof didn't leak, since I fixed the leak myself, the rain did manage to penetrate through the upper window frame in the master bedroom. It was 1 am. when the drip-drip-drip started. The drops fall 6 vertical feet from the edge of the upper window sash to the inside window sill below. That little drop is loud when it hits! Needless to say this really upset me. This problem has been going on for 2 months now, and I informed Mayo the day it happened. Mayo has yet to do anything to fix it. I'm tired of waiting. It's just not right. I think I'll be calling my lawyer today.

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