Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hell has frozen over!!!

Ok, more like a light frost. Mayo Group is actually fixing something on the Keith building!!! Who would have thunk it! They brought in a lift today so workers can actually reach the windows to properly caulk it (instead of hanging out the window like the last time). The story as of this morning is that the first worker didn't have experience on the lift and got pretty nervous about working so high off the ground. Having a great fear of heights myself I can certainly appreciate this. So they're trying to find someone with experience to do it. According to the signage, they have allocated today and tomorrow for the effort. Now the question is - will they actually do it, or is it all for show. Mayo Group has a tendency to reallocate resources on-the-fly, so there is a real possibility that the people working on the Keith will mysteriously migrate over to 7 Central or the personal property Mayo's owner is having built in town.

If and when the work is complete then we'll need a good soaking to see if they actually did the work correctly. Mayo Group's problem is not just the lack of execution, but when executing they have a tendency to not complete the work, or if they complete it the work is done improperly, and they always miss something. I bet they'll "forget" to also caulk the south western side windows. The south western windows have absolutely no caulking around them. Getting to these windows is further complicated by the fact they sit in a wedge adjacent to the building next-door, and the rear of the building does not open to the street but instead to the rooftops of adjacent buildings; so, a scissor truck will not fit. They have to use a platform on beams.

I'll report more as the story develops. Details at eleven.

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