Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Firecode Violation

The Keith Building is in violation of Massachusetts firecode. Three of it's stairwell doors don't have those arms that automatically close the door behind you. They have never been there. I have pictures, there are no screw holes or any marks to show that someone even thought about putting one there. What's a bit disturbing is that the building has a certificate of occupancy, which it shouldn't have received with those problems in place. The Fire Prevention Dept. has inspected the building twice and started fining Mayo. This has been going on since August. It's now November, and Mayo has absolutely done nothing. It'll be a very sad day for Lynn if a fire ever breaks out in the Keith Building. It'll essentially eliminate Lynn's hopes of developing the downtown, because all the deficiency and shaddy work will come out. It'll also mean I've lost all my stuff, and that would really suck.

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