Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Expanding Cronin's Cafe (BAR!)

Cronin's cafe is a bar near the corner of Washington and Union St. It's adjacent to the Pevear apartment building. Just read today in The Daily Item (the local non-investigative newspaper) that Cronin's is considering expanding.


This has the potential to be a big problem for me. I've never been there. I've never set foot in the place, because it doesn't look inviting at all. It just doesn't appeal to me. I should visit just to see what it's like. What I do know is that it has security cameras hanging on the exterior and it's burglar alarm is REALLY LOUD! That alarm has kept me up many late nights as it goes off over and over again. Aside from the alarm - here are my concerns.

Parking - Cronins has no parking of its own. Cronin's is right next to the MBTA parking garage, which has plenty of parking, but why pay 2 bucks for parking when you can find it free on the street, right? Well, it just so happens that my building is across the street from Cronins (hence my hatred of the alarm). This means if there are more customers there's less parking for everyone who actually lives here.

Rowdy People - From what I've seen, Cronin's has problems that many bars do - rowdy crowds after closing. A condominium with 12 Ft. ceilings overlooking a street acts like a giant ear. I can listen in on street level conversations from 4 stories up. This also means tricked out cars/suvs/trucks with 12 inch woofers tend to rattle my teeth at 2 am. Add to that a crowd, a fist fight, and a few more cars - and - well - you have one very unhappy resident.

Crime - Big bars attract big crowds. Crowds mean more people. Bars take money. No money no drinky, so big crowds in big bar means lots of people with money. Lots of people with money mean more people to take money from. It also means lots of drunk people too slow to think about their cars parked on the street in front of my place. Which also brings us back to more cars. More people, more cars, more money, more things - to steal. Get the picture?

More business in Central Square will be great for downtown. I don't feel a large bar is a good business for the area. I want a neighborhood with taste. Albeit my idea of good taste, but taste none-the-less. A larger version of Gulu-Gulu, the Euro Cafe that serves wine and beer, would be much better since it attracts a different usually more responsible clientele. I don't feel the neighborhood should support the Cronin's expansion. It's legal, but it's a bad idea, and not right for our home.

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