Friday, November 11, 2005

Doing the Right Thing

I was raised by my father, a single parent, to do the right thing. To make the hard decisions for the good even when it seems more advantages not to. I'm not perfect. I've fallen down in the past, and I'm sure I'll fall down plenty more in the future, but I know what I'm supposed to do and I give it my best.

I bring this up because it occurred to me that my blog may not be very popular with downtown residents. There's a lot of negative statements, all true, about the Mayo Group in my blog. It just so happens that Mayo owns much of the area in Downtown Lynn, and is in the process of developing 7 Central Condominiums. It's a sizable property and one that will hopefully bring in more young professionals like the others who live here. Everyone in the neighborhood, yours truly included, has a vested interest in more good people moving downtown. It will improve the area, improve the community, improve business, and raise the property value. That last one is of particular importance to residents.

Many people bought here with the idea of making a big return in real estate. I actually moved here because it was affordable, near the beach (I SCUBA), near the train, and looked like it was a pretty good place to live. The fact that my property will be worth more later is just a given, because real-estate tends to work that way 95% of the time. I'm not out to make a killing.

People here don't want any bad press. Lynn is a bit rough with Downtown emerging from the grime a year ago due to the terrific efforts of developers such as RCG, Montreal, and Mayo (give credit when deserved). People fear that any bad press may jeopardize the good things that are happening here. That is a valid concern. My response to this criticism are these questions:
  • Is property value worth watching neighbors die in a fire because Mayo did not meet fire codes?
  • Is property appreciation worth watching a friend and neighbor endure a ceiling collapse from a leaky roof that Mayo did not fix?
  • Is property appreciation worth new residents despising us because we kept the truth from them for the sake of greed?
At what cost will people sell their principles?

Often, keeping ones mouth shut is doing the right thing. This time - no, I don't think so.

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