Thursday, November 10, 2005

Boston Machine Lofts - Vacancy

There are units for sale in the Boston Machine Lofts. If I were looking for a place I'd seriously consider buying in that building. The building is gorgeous and RCG did a great job with each unit, especially considering it was their first, Sloan Machinery Lofts being their second. The building has been around for a year now, so many of the kinks have been worked out. They make great use of space, the finishes are very nice, it has exposed brick, storage room in the basement, gas range, and I believe comes with washer and dryer with the unit. Of course the sellers may take the appliances with them so be sure to confirm.

The BML is especially nice because it's close to the train, but buffered by location and adjacent buildings from the noise. It has leased parking in the back of the building ($45, I believe), and it's right in Central Square where all the life is. The police station is one block away, the post office is on next block. The residents also fashioned an outside patio area in an alley way on the west side of the building. They have a grill! So you can still BBQ. I don't have that, so I'm a bit jealous.

According to the Tache real-estate site there are two units open, but there could be more or less, because Tache doesn't update their site very quickly and also because they only show properties for which they are the sellers. Rumor has it the front facing unit on the second floor with the big oval window is for sale. I hear it's beautiful. I haven't seen the inside yet. It is a very desirable unit. Unique. A top floor unit on the back west side is also said to be for sale. It's smaller, in the upper 900 sft., but that's still quite sizable. It has skylights in addition to all it's windows.

If you're interested in the properties in Central Square I encourage you to contact Kim D'orazio: She was actually the seller's agent for Mayo Group. Although I don't care for Mayo Group, Kim is a true professional. Likeable, and a straight talker. Since she is a professional if you deal with her as a seller's agent then she'll make sure she takes care of the seller, but she doesn't do anything shady, she gives you all the information you need and more, and also helps you through the entire process if you're a new buyer with no buyer's agent. After what I went through with my buyer's agent, bad experience but I learned a lot, if I were buying now I'd deal directly with her. Actually for the last couple of weeks of my closing I did because my buyer's agent was problematic. She knows the area and what's going on. Kim also deals with excellent associates for financing.

Be sure to get your home inspector, and do get a home inspector, period. Kim isn't an inspector, it's not her job, so it's best for you to get one yourself. Always get a home inspector. Just because it's new construction and must meet new building codes does not mean:
  • A) The building actually does meet codes even though it was certified by the city.
  • B) The inspectors didn't miss anything, because in the case of my building they obviously did (a.k.a. firecode violations)
  • C) Everything will be problem free in the future. My inspector noticed the south wall was falling down. Ok for certification now, but maybe not a year from now. It got fixed.

The BML is a great place to live. The people who live there are terrific. It's pet friendly - cute little Ivan, Jada, and Jack - dogs - live there. Oh, and it's across from the Gulu. What more could you ask for?

Come take a look. You'll really like it.

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