Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Absolute BEST Vietnamese Food!

Pho Lynn, the Vietnamese restaurant on Munroe St. Across from the Munroe St. Lofts has the BEST Vietnamese food I have ever tasted. I have had a ton of Vietnamese cuisine in my having even traveled to Cambodia, next to Vietnam, and sampled the Vietnamese cuisine there. Didn't have the time to make it all the way to Vietnam. Anyway, I thought I'd found some very good dishes, and was enamored with a few places in Brookline - until Pho Lynn. OH - MY - GOD! The food is so GOOD, and CHEAP! And very good for you. Amazing! Cheap, good, and good for you! Fresh too. I believe that is the trick. They use very fresh ingredients. Difficult to do when you run your own business. There's always a temptation to skimp. I'm sure they do in other areas, but apparently not in areas that my discerning palate can notice. They also have a fine selection of imported beers, in particular the Asian variety, naturally. I highly encourage you to go. Be sure to introduce yourself and let them know Marcus sent you. Have the Pho-Tai. Excellent! Just go. Go now!


Anonymous said...

Yeah it's not bad, but there are better. There's a great Vietnamese restaurant on Central St in Lowell. Floating Rock in Revere is an unusual and excellent Cambodian restaurant. There is also a wonderful Cambodian grocery store on Essex Street (go through Central Sq, under the tracks, bear left up the hill to Wayne Alarm, take a right, it is a few blocks down on the left). They make up lunches; good sandwiches, spring rolls, fresh spring rolls, and great bean paste pastries. Also the most economical place to buy cilantro, shallots, basil for pesto, although it is hot basil, a little different in taste than sweet basil. water cress, mangoes by the crate, etc.

Lizzie said...

I had heard rumors.. but until I saw your blog post I never went. Tonight, on your recommendation, my husband and I and 2 friends went to Pho Lynn.


This place is totally going on our restaurant rotation! Living in Salem, I misseed I dont have to miss it anymore. Thanks for the spot on recommendation.

Best part? Little owner lady telling us what to eat. We'll be back.

candie said...

Pho Da Lat in Lowell is an excellent choice. go to

Tralfez said...

Try Pho 2000 on Union St in Lynn. They also have decent food with much quicker service for dine in or take out without the grumpy old man. The ambiance is better at Pho Lynn, but for value and service, I go with Pho 2000. For Asian places in Lynn, there are a couple on Western Ave in West Lynn heading towards Saugus and also Golden Lake Restaurant on Bennett St which is in an old diner.